The majority of parents rate teaching experience as the most important trait of a tutor. A good tutor will always try to go the extra mile and it is essential to their success, especially when it comes to retaining their students.

An excellent tutor should be an academic prowess, well-experienced, and passionate about their job. Learn more about the other qualities you should be looking for.

  1. Good Relationship Building Skills

The relationship between the student and their tutor is important. It is a combination of personal and professional connections. The tutor works hard so they can listen intently to their student, and build a rapport in order to create a trusting student-tutor relationship.

Once that is established, it is a lot easier for the student to be more receptive to the information and help given by the Tutor. Online Tutors on the OTAK Platform work hard to build that trust with their students.

  1. Patient

Even if people develop patience from experience, this virtue also comes from choice. If someone wants to be an excellent Tutor, learning to be patient is the primary step they have to take. They will surely meet students from all walks of life, coming from different backgrounds, places, and with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. They will each have different expectations from their Tutor.

  1. Communication with Parents

Tutoring is not just for the sake of attending one-on-one tuition classes, but it is also about finding and discovering learning styles, study habits, learning roadblocks of the student that parents should be aware of. It is important that the tutor is a clear and effective communicator with the parents in order to develop a better relationship with the student.

This is essential in making sure that the needs of the student are being fulfilled. This way, parents can form useful insights about their child’s personality. Each child will have different learning styles, which are eventually revealed during regular tuition classes, and can be used to the student’s benefit.

  1. Team Player

Parents want to choose insightful tutors who can easily work well with their children. This process involves the student, school teacher, and parent as well. That is because each party can share an insight about the situation and can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

The teacher can tell the student/parent what was covered in class, and point the areas where the student needs help. Communicating this to the parents can help them look for a tutor who can easily assist their child with that specific area. In addition, that knowledge can be used by the tutor to effectively structure their lessons so the child will understand the subject/topic better.

  1. Professional and Respectable

These qualities are absolutely required because they speak of how a tutor performs their role. Any personal information they have about the student should be kept strictly confidential. The tutor should also be confident, friendly, but yet maintain a professional relationship with the student.

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