The global demand for private tutoring is set to rise significantly due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This pandemic has disrupted and changed almost every aspect of our day to day living, and our children’s education has not been spared.

School closures, the rushed unprepared shift to remote learning and reduced personalised supervision has definitely added to parents’ concerns.  Students would have been left feeling lost and unmotivated – creating a gap in their learning.  Both parents and students were exhausted trying to navigate this new way of learning.

Fatimah from Cheras never thought that she would be paying someone to tutor her children. However when Malaysian schools were closed to face to face learning in the heights of the pandemic,  she and her husband struggled to supervise their 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son with remote learning whilst also adapting to working from home to maintain their own jobs.

Feeling overwhelmed by the situation, Fatimah enrolled her children for one-to-one online tuition on OTAK Tuition, a new Malaysian home grown Online Tuition Platform with a custom built whiteboard for interactive and personalised learning.  She initially assumed her children would only do it for a few weeks and would protest that they were tired of more online learning.  

Three and a half months later her children are back in school, and also still enjoying weekly sessions with their respective online Tutors. They are both very keen to carry on with their online tuition!  Mum and Dad are happy too as the cost is affordable and they don’t have to drive around getting the children to tuition. 

They get to learn from the safety and comforts of their own homes.  There is no exchange of personal information like phone numbers, emails, addresses or bank account numbers.  Bookings and payments are done securely on the OTAK Platform. The bonus is that Fatimah can monitor their classes, homework, payments and get feedback from their Tutors anywhere and anytime on a Parent Mobile app.

Invest in your Child’s learning and future! Give them a head start in 2022.

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