Exercising is important for your health, but it also boosts brain performance. Yes, it helps you manage weight and avoid a couple of health conditions, but your brain works better when you exercise.

If you think it is impossible to fit exercise into your schedule, think again because you just need at least 30 minutes a day for physical activity. According to studies, just 30 minutes of jogging a day help students solve problems more efficiently by 10%.

There is a lot of research that say students need to be more physically active because it improves academic performance.
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Helps You Manage Stress
Several studies prove that there is a link between stress and exercise. Exercising vigorously a couple of times a week reduces your level of stress and cortisol. They explain that these reductions are important to students both in primary and higher level education. Stress hormones stop the production of memory and your sleeping ability declines.

Sports is Better than Alcohol to Help You Relax
Students can benefit academically with lower dropout rates and social cohesion with everyone around them by participating in sports and other physical activities. Students who join afterschool sports programs are less likely to get involved with drugs or gangs because of peer pressure.

Improves Memory and Concentration
Lower blood and oxygen levels reduces your ability to focus and concentrate. If you are unable to concentrate, it becomes more difficult to learn or remember information you study. Physical activity increases your brain’s oxygen flow, which is helpful in your brain function and concentration.

Research shows that any form of aerobic activity actually grows new brain cells in your hippocampus, which is responsible for memory. This kind of experiment had only been done on mice and rats, but now studies on humans also show the same result. The truth is exercising several times a week produces 30% more brain cells in the hippocampus.

Improves Time Management
Students who do not make time every day to exercise are less-structured and do not schedule a time for studying. Scheduling your personal workout forces you to make time for studying and this makes you realise the importance of prioritising your studies and block timing.

Improves Emotions and Mood
A lot of studies show that exercising lifts your mood, reduces any depression symptoms and decreases anxiety. If you are in a good mood, you can focus and concentrate more, and you are more confident while studying.

Intense exercise produces more endorphins, which makes you feel happier. Endorphins are released in areas of the brain that are responsible with how humans experience emotions. Production of endorphins starts within 15 to 20 minutes of starting an exercise, and then it peaks after 45 minutes.
Brain chemicals including serotonin contributes to you feeling better when you do repetitive exercise like bike riding, jogging, or walking.

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