When you are an online tutor, you might think that you do not have to deal with the parents as much. However, in some instances, there are difficult parents who like to interrupt the session or their behavior causes interference.

Trying to tutor a difficult child is hard enough, but adding difficult parents into the mix can be frustrating. The majority of parents treat tutors with respect and gratitude, but you might have to deal with difficult parents in some situations. It is better that you are prepared for them and this article will teach you how.

Avoid Surprising Them

This is a very important tip you must follow throughout your tutoring career. You should make sure that parents are informed about any issue with their child. If you can see that their child has learning difficulties and should be taken for a test, let them know right away. Most of the time, you can avoid problems with parents if they already know about any of your concerns early on.

However, there are some parents who will forget about this and deny about being informed about it early. Record any emails, phone calls, or other written conversations you had about their child.

Stay Level-Headed

When you are talking to a difficult parent, never lose your composure. The interest of both parties should be considered, but the student should stay at the center. Most of the time, a frustrated parent will lash out their concerns to you because you are right there. They might lose their temper or yell, but do not take it personally and respond in a calm manner. Raising your voice will only complicate the situation, and resulting in no proper dialogue nor understanding.

Invite the Parent to Join the First Tutoring Session

You can always invite parents in the first tutoring session so they can observe your style. This gives them an impression of how you can help their child with school while the sessions are progressing.

In case the student is uncomfortable with this, you can tell the parent to watch from afar or let them know about the child’s activities by letting them see the worksheets. In case the parent is not home all the time, share videos of the sessions or even photos. The OTAK Online Tuition Platform offers feedback from tutors after every session and the Parent Mobile App enables the parents and tutors to communicate easily.

Find a Common Ground

You can find common ground with the parent. Even if people have their differences, they are all basically the same. The response of people to threat and pain are different,  but the ethical systems are equal.

You and the parent might get along when it comes to hobbies, music, sports, or a personal belief. To some degree, humanising yourself with another person creates a better understanding.

Show that You Care

Highlight the positive things that their child does, and emphasise a caring environment that makes the student feel safe. Tell parents they can contact you about any concerns.

As online tutors, we want to establish a good relationship with the parents at all times.

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