There are a few myths you will hear before you become a tutor, which is unfortunate since there is a great need for tutors today. Sometimes, what students learn in school is not enough to make someone fully knowledgeable in the subject. The tutor can pave the way for them to understand better what their teachers are teaching in school.

When students sign up for online tuition in Malaysia, students can choose their own tutor based on the tutor’s availability & schedule. That makes it very convenient for the tutor as they don’t have to spend time and effort travelling from student to student.  Instead they can reserve their energy for the online tuition session. However, you must know the myths about tuition before applying to become one.

#1 Tuition Substitutes Studying

This a myth that people do not talk about a lot, but it is very relevant. Most of the time, students feel like they do not see the need to study if they already have a tuition session that day. This might be a good strategy to avoid burning out, but it is important that students understand that tuition does not substitute studying. When they study, it gives them competency and confidence. Tuition helps clarify certain concepts or areas that the student may not understand well.

#2 You Must be an Expert Licensed to Become a Tutor

This might be the case for some organisations, but it does not apply everywhere. Skills, knowledge, and experience of the tutor in a particular subject is important but they must also prove their abilities in teaching and tutoring. That makes a good tutor.

#3 A Tutor is Only Needed Before an Exam

It takes time to learn anything. A tutor is helpful when it comes to preparing for a difficult exam, but working with a tutor for a longer period of time is more effective. It is impossible to learn everything in just a few sessions – not to mention if you are already pressed for time. If you study over a few months with a tutor, you will be able remember the topics and master the strategies.

#4 Only Struggling Students Should Hire a Tutor

The most common tuition misconception is that only struggling students need it. Most of the time, what students see on the media is that tuition is only for those who are failing in class. Hence, the misleading notion that only the struggling students need tuition sessions. There is no rule about that, and, the truth is, having tuition sessions before you begin to struggle prevents stress in the future. It takes time to form a good relationship with a tutor, which is why you need to start before the crucial days.

#5 There is No Money in Tutoring

Tutors can make a lot of money on full-time or part-time arrangements. The flexibility it gives you allows you to work more.

It can be a side gig or a career if you want to do it full time. You can set your own hours and rates, which is why you can determine how much you want to earn.

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