Being gifted gives the student an intellectual ability that is evidently higher than the average student. If a student is gifted, he or she shows excellent capability in certain areas like creative, intellectual, or leadership, and in academic fields as well.

The majority of schools do not have enough room for programs that focus on gifted students, so they are left with just doing regular school work like the others students. As an online tuition platform, OTAK makes sure to make room for gifted students as well.

Theses gifted students need specialised nurturing and development strategies.

Become Familiar with the Characteristics of Gifted Students

It is not always easy to identify gifted students and even children who may not seem gifted could turn out to be one. Therefore, you should not be distracted with stereotypes. Gifted students can come from all walks of like, and they can be boys and girls, from any socio economic backgrounds. When a student is gifted, they show a lot of characteristics, which includes abstract thinking.  They need constant mental stimulation, as they have the ability to process and learn complex information rapidly.

Give them Room to Learn on Their Own

You can use information that was gathered from their pre-test. The lesson plan can be designed for advanced learners as well. Before a tuition session, you can meet with the student in advance and discuss a learning contract with them, which will let them work through the chapters in a more independent way and can offer related activities for extension.

The tutor can take on suggestions about what the student thinks will work, and they should be allowed to be in charge of their education.

You Should be Organised

Staying organised makes teaching and learning effective and more efficient. It may be difficult for you to keep track of their assignments, activities, and assessments, when the student is there. You should plan ahead to allow yourself some time to organise the teaching materials that each student needs.

Gifted learners may want to start doing their assignments early so they can finish right away. With online tuition classes, you can leave them activities for them to complete even after the session has finished.

Do Not Get Stuck with the Idea of Normal

If you want to be a great tutor, regardless if you are new or have been doing it for months or even years, you should think that nothing is normal. You can provide students more opportunities to grow, and not gets stuck with just how the tuition sessions should be. Do not be afraid to be innovative because as a online tutor, you will encounter different levels of gifted students. A strategy that works for regular learners may not work with gifted students of different levels. For instance, a strategy that works for moderately gifted students will not be applicable to the profoundly gifted ones. Do not hesitate to make each session interesting for them by changing a few things up.

At OTAK Online Tuition Malaysia, we cater to all types of learners and make sure that no one gets left behind.

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