You need to teach yourself how to easily remember without even trying too hard. Those who have taken an exam know that feeling. It is never good to be triggered by a question that you do not know how to answer.

This is not an uncommon occurrence and it is a problem faced by many students. Attempting to memorise information through reading and re-reading textbooks are not the only way to do this. In addition to these different techniques, you can engage a personal tutor on OTAK Online Tuition Platform to ensure that you are grasping everything correctly to prepare for exams.

Apply Spaced Repetition

Review study materials several times over a period of time in increments. Instant recall retains 100% of the information. However, as little as an hour later, you can only recall about 44% of what you read. In order to counter this, you must use spaced repetition. You should intermittently review material to slow down memory deterioration over time.

That means taking notes after the end of a lecture, and write down questions you have and ask your personal tutor right away. Just before the exams, you need to make flashcards and review them as well.


Use the Eye of Your Mind

The majority of people have the ability to remember visuals and pictures. You need images to help you remember information effectively.

These images engage senses and give you strong emotions. Visual memories stick with you better when they are triggering intense emotion, even the unpleasant ones. When you tie data to the images, the memory retrieval process can come easily.

Acronyms and Mnemonics

You must create words and patterns using the information you have to remember. Associate each item’s first letter using a word, rhyme, or phrase, which makes the information easy to remember. These tricks are useful in helping you remember lists and organised information.

You can ask your online tutor to help you create and review acronyms and mnemonics.  

Review and Learn in Small Chunks

It is common sense that you can easily remember things when they have been broken down into manageable and smaller sections. This rule is applicable to all types of information, from phone numbers to vocabulary or grammar lists.

For instance, a sequence of numbers is broken down into 4, which means they can be attached to plenty of images. When you combine the numbers with images, you are creating an association between them, and this helps retain them in your memory.

Chaining Technique

You can apply this by creating a sentence or story around some information so you can easily recall it. For instance, you can easily remember the name of all continents by creating a story about them while you are on a picnic. The story can be fun and silly, which makes it easier to remember and you do not have to try hard during the exams.

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