Kickboxing Self-defence Technique

 teaches the basic martial arts  techniques involving the use of the harder parts of your body, such as your fist, elbows, knees, shins, and heels, and applies the lever logic, where a small effort results in a huge amount of explosive energy. This fun and healthy sport is suitable for both physically healthy males and females aged 7 years and above to build stamina while allowing the body to enjoy increased physical coordination, flexibility and endurance.

Self-defence Technique – Attack from front
  • ·         The attacker strangles you from the front
  • ·         Slap air into the ears of the attacker using both palms at the same time, to unbalance him
  • ·     Dive both arms inside the attacker’s embrace and force his arms outwards at his elbows using your outer fist.
  • ·         Cross (a straight right punch) at his throat / collar bones.
  • ·         Lead front kick (left leg) on his lower abdominal or in between his groin.
  • ·         Run and scream for help while your attacker is in pain
Self-defence Technique – Handbag Snatch
  • ·        Snatch thief attacks from the front, grabs your right shoulder and tries to snatch your bag on the left.
  • ·      Turn your left shoulder backwards, away from the control of the attacker, lift up your right arm and lock both his arms at his elbows.
  • ·        Follow through with an (right) elbow to his face (targeted at the nose)
  • ·        And slap him with your handbag (if it is big and heavy enough).
  • ·        While the snatch thief is in pain, recover your bag and run!
Self-defence Technique – Quick Release
  • ·         Attacker grabs your right wrist his right hand from the front (single handed from opposite side).
  • ·         Draw a big clockwise circle in the air with your trapped wrist to bring your palm over to face up.
  • ·         And pull your wrist upwards, towards your body, to release your wrist from the attacker’s grab.
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