Skills in critical thinking are an important part of secondary education, but these skills can be challenging to teach.

Critical thinking should be combined with every day lessons, and the importance of this intellectual skill must be utilised well. In addition, it takes skill and practice to be able to master critical thinking and your thoughts have to be organized.

Tutors at OTAK Online Tuition can help a student think critically and it involves more than memorization, which encourages students to connect the dots, solve problems, apply knowledge, and think creatively.

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Encourage Your Students to be Creative

Traditionally, teachers can prepare templates for projects before giving it to their students. When they do this, it evens out creativity in the playing field and in some ways, it is helpful in making the class run smoothly. It might also make marking assignments easier.

It might be a little unnerving to not have some control, but not having everything prepared in advance can also be a good thing. Give students what they need to become creative, and allow them to take off on their own. Therefore, students can become more critical thinkers since they will have to use their prior knowledge to consider what the subject is all about.

Ask Questions

Asking questions, more so open-ended questions, give chance for secondary students to evaluate solutions. Secondary school teachers should encourage proper decision-making. This will let students apply their learning to various situations, evaluate the pros and cons of the different solutions, and then decide which ideas are the best.

Gather the Right Information

After defining the question, then you can start processing the information you gather. Students should always use their research question as reference to make sure they are staying on track.

While they gather more information to answer their question, the reference to their first question helps them determine the significance of the information. After that, they can weigh whether the information is helpful or not as they move forward.

Do Not Jump in to Help all the Time

It is easy to always come up with solutions for a student who wants your help. The kindergarteners will feel upset when they cannot find their scissors or crayons. When it comes to online tuition sessions, you can allow them to apply their skill in thinking critically while you ask questions. If the student is having a hard time, you can tell them that you can give them clues about the answer. Avoid giving them the answer and give ample time for them to figure it out on their own.

Combine Different Opinions

Among the best exercises in critical thinking for secondary students involves an exploration of the concept from different perspectives. This strategy establishes that an idea must be assessed from different perspectives before forming an opinion. This is giving students a chance to share their perspective while listening to others.

Online tuition sessions can also help students develop critical thinking skills.

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