How you can further support your child’s mental development:

1-3 Years Old
– Read to your child daily
– Rock your child on your lap while singing songs
– Encourage your child to mimic your voice and gestures
– Allow your child to finger feed to promote hand-eye coordination
– Cuddle and hold your child to show love
– Safety-proof your house for your child to explore
– Play peek-a-boo to help your child learn that objects still exist when hidden
3 Years and above
– Continue to read and sing your child
– Encourage your child to help with simple chores
– Let your child play with other children to learn sharing and friendship
– Speak to your child in complete sentences to help develop good language skills
– Give your child simple choices like what to wear, what to eat for snacks
– Engage your child in matching games and puzzles
Right Nutrition plus Right Stimulation plus Right Emotional Support equal A Pro
By combining the right nutrition with the right activities and interactions, you are taking the right steps to help your child be a Pro.
10 Important Nutrients for your Child’s Mental Development:
DHA & AA : Important components for brain cells.
Omega 3 & 6 : Precursor of DHA & AA. Essential fatty acids that support cognitive and visual development.
Unique Vegetable Oil Blend : A balanced combination of high oleic sunflower oil, soy oil, and coconut oil, provides better absorption of key nutrients like DHA & Lutein for mental development and more calcium absorption for bone development.
Taurine :  For efficient and rapid nerve communication.
Lutein : Antioxidants that protects the eyes from oxidative damage.
Iron : For red blood formation.
Choline : Essential for promoting learning and memory abilities.
Zinc : Support cell division and growth.
Phospholipids : Essential for communication between brains and cells.