July 8, 2011, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak officially commence the start of another national icon and a massive step forwards the realization of vision 2020 – the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): The country’s vehicle to propel further growth for the nation and prosperity for the people. The new MRT, which will be in operation after 2016, will basically link the entire Klang Valley and its key surrounding areas i.e Greater Kuala Lumpur. This is through integration of the existing rail systems that is currently provided by the Kelana Jaya LRT line, Ampang LRT line KL Monorail and the KTM Komuter.

With this integration and a word class public transportation system, Malaysia effectively has the necessary vehicle to surge forward better. Running 51Km from Sungai Buloh to Kajang, the MRT will form the backbone of the railway system in Malaysia and its offer of mobility will enhance living and working in the Greater KL area and benefit Malaysians socio-economically.By 2020, population in the Klang Valley is expected to grow from the current 6 Million to 10 Million. That can be translated to about 18 million trips a day in the Klang Valley. If every of these trips were done on private transport, all roads in Klang Valley will be gridlocked and everything would virtually come to a standstill.

It was with this rationale in mind that the Government decided on their massive billion ringgit investment to keep Kuala Lumpur and the whole of Klang Valley moving and continue progressing. It simply needed to provide mobility for its residents; to allow them to move from one place to another quickly and run their daily routines.

The other objective of an efficient, world class public transportation system was to increase the number of people using public transport, alleviate traffic congestion and decrease travel time from one place to another. This, in turn, would relate to the subject on conservation of the environment, fuel and cost savings, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, promoting closer bonding and goodwill among Malaysians; and the overall picture of prosperity and good living for the people. Hence, the urgent need of the MRT.

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